Orquesta Sabroso

Sabroso (sa’bro’so) adjective, derivation: Spanish 1. Savory, flavorful. 2. In good taste

Sabroso is a large, exciting, and truly musical orchestra of Salsa and Latin Music. Started as the dream-child of two musicians’ love of the rhythm, music that desired to be part of the great popular Latin musical style. Sabroso has established its own musical style by mixing the diverse musical experiences of the members and enthusiastically continues to expand their experience with the inspiration of the masters.

The leaders of Sabroso, Dennis Bueno, a very musical percussionist, is an established well versed musician, veteran of many Colorado bands, and an alumnus of the Air Force Band. Bud Gordon, an exceptional trumpet player and arranger is a veteran of many of Los Angeles’ salsa bands.

Sabroso features an extra large heart and very talented lead vocalist, Julio Garcia, who is at home with the style of music they perform. Julio is also a much appreciated public school music teacher. Julio, born in Cuba and raised in Miami, is a graduate of the University of Miami. Julio’s musical experience goes back to his childhood where his father reared him with Latin music standards.

Another well-loved band member and vocalist Amy Sanchez was a musically mentored adolescent of Dennis Bueno. Amy always strived to be the best and has succeeded in most all of her challenges. Amy has grown as a student of Salsa and is beginning an already successful career in public school teaching. Amy was just awarded a degree with high honors in education. Amy is a native of San Luis Colorado.

The remainder of the members of Sabroso all has a love and affinity for this music. They each work as professionals with their respective talents, but carry a flame for the rich exciting culture.

Bud Gordon grew up in Los Angeles and learned to play in the nationally known Eagle Rock High School music program, which produced many great musicians in the 1970’s. After graduation Bud toured with Ray Charles, playing the first trumpet chair. When he returned to Los Angeles, he immediately became part of the vibrant salsa music scene.
Bud’s first salsa experience was with the L.A. Salsa All-stars, whose members included trombonist Art Velasco and trumpeter John Madrid. He continued to work with many of the L.A. area’s finest salsa bands. These experiences laid the groundwork for Bud’s love of salsa and Latin music that continues with Orquesta Sabroso.

Dennis Bueno, born of Spanish parents from Trinidad, Colorado, has been involved in the Colorado Music scene for most of his life. His early musical inspiration included the study of accordion and then on to percussion with the Drum Corps on the east coast where he lived with his Army enlisted parents. The popular Latin and fusion bands of the 60s and 70s inspired Dennis. Dennis attended the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston where he studied percussion and arranging with many name artists. He served 6 years in the Air Force band as a percussionist and arranger. Dennis has performed throughout the world with countless names in most every venue of music.
Now, after years of school, countless hours of working as a professional musician, and now even as a computer networking professional, Dennis still passionately embraces his early family influences of music, dancing and singing through his love of rhythm. His musical energies are now focused on his dream of many years, La Musica Sabroso!

The dream of this musician duo is the new Latin sound of “Sabroso.” The band is a combination of some of the areas most successful and diverse musicians. The music they play is fun and vibrant with percussion and intricate ethnic rhythms, inspired by Spanish and African folkloric tradition. Although indigenous to the islands of the Caribbean, where much of the African and Spanish culture converged, it is very comforting to know that these traditions have inspired this group of musicians enough to bring it closer to us here in the middle of the nation where cultural appreciation is alive and well.
Orquesta Sabroso

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